Always take a big bite, what a beautiful sight
to see you eat in the middle of the night 

All dishes marked with this asterisk symbol (*) can be made gluten free if you ask your server.
Extra charges will be applied. We try our best in the kitchen, but cross-contamination can occur.

For takeout call: 519 832 5565

Wismer House breaded wings * 15

Hand tossed in our secret breading, served by the pound with your choice of sauce—comes with carrots, celery & either blue cheese or ranch for dipping

Options: Wismer BBQ sauce, medium, hot, fire & ice, house made 10 pepper blueberry suicide, honey garlic, sweet Thai chili, maple sriracha, Cajun rub or garlic parmesan

Pub style nachos * 17

Tri-coloured corn tortillas, topped with hot banana peppers, sliced black olives, onions & our cheddar cheese sauce, served with Hi-Berry Farm smoked corn salsa & sour cream on the side

Add extra toppings to customize this classic; spicy ground beef, grilled chicken, bacon, smoked brisket, guacamole, extra salsa or extra sour cream

Classic poutine 12

Fresh cut fries, caramelized onions, house made gravy & Pine River cheese curds, a Wismer House classic

Add extra toppings to customize this classic; pulled pork, bacon or grilled chicken

Coconut shrimp 14

Jumbo shrimp breaded with shredded coconut & deep fried, served with sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping

Popcorn chicken * 14

Delicious seasoned & breaded fried chicken, drizzled with ranch dressing & sriracha

Deep fried pickles 12

Lightly breaded garlic dill spears, deep fried until golden & served with ranch for dipping

Fried cheese curds 14

Pine River cheese curds, hand breaded & deep fried until golden, served with home made marinara

Fresh cut fries * 7

Fresh local potatoes, cut in house & deep fried until crisp & golden, served with Cajun aioli

Sweet potato fries * 9

Thinly cut yams deep fried until crisp & served with Cajun aioli

Spicy curly fries 10

Classic curly fries deep fried until golden & served with chipotle ketchup for dipping

Chili cheese fries * 14

Fresh cut fries smothered with our house made chili & cheddar cheese sauce, sprinkled with green onions

Classic garlic bread 12

Offshore Bakery bread served with melted Pine River cheese & garlic herb butter


Stone oven pizza or deep fried calzone 17

Made with dough from the Offshore Bakery with Pine River mozzarella, house made marinara sauce & quality fresh toppings

While both are off-the-chain good, only our pizzas can be made gluten free


Wismer classic Pepperoni, bacon, fresh mushrooms, shaved red onions, & sweet bell peppers

Spicy BBQ chicken BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, shaved red onions, tomatoes & hot banana pepper rings

Mediterranean Fresh spinach, tomatoes, shaved red onions, Kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts & feta drizzled with Greek dressing

Meat lover’s Sausage, in-house smoked ham, bacon & pepperoni

Pepperoni lover’s Loads of pepperoni & cheese

Hawaiian In-house smoked ham, crispy bacon & pineapple